An Oriental Dance Competition for the most Dedicated Oriental Dancers

For the sixth time in the history of the CAIRO! Festival Budapest, in 2019 the whole competition will be held during the festival’s shows, without video semi-finals. The fastest registrations will be accepted for the finals. BUT there will be a video pre-selection in order to help contestants to choose the appropriate category. See details below.

You can sign up in five CATEGORIES:

ROYAL 2019 – Profesional level, STARSHINE Advanced amateur levelSTAR TEAM Group, mixed level

And for the little, talented dancers:

MINI-PRINCESS/MINI-PRINCE for 4-12 year old girls and boys, PRINCESS/PRINCE for 13-18 year old dancers 



Royal category: Semi-finals (oriental és folklore rounds) on 16th May, Thursday, during Opening Party; Finals on 18th May Saturday, during Budapest Celebration Gala Show.

Starshine category: 16th May, Thursday, during Opening Party

Starteam category: 16th May, Thursday, during Opening Party

Princess/Prince and Mini-Princess/Mini-Prince category: 16th May, Thursday, during Opening Party


All the competitors (except Star Teams) must send a CV (about their dance career) and a video about one of their previous dances, when signing up to the contest. We will send a feedback if the participant is accepted, and then she can proceed with the payment.
This is for the contest’s organizers and the judge’s team, to make sure in advance that each applicants are matching the contest’s requirements and have chosen the appropriate category.

Dancers will be noticed after closing the registration, whether they applications had been accepted or not. Please note that we can not accept more contestants once the maximum amount of dancers had been accepted. Please, hurry up!

Conditions for ROYAL (professionals):

For professional performers and teachers, with minimum 4 years of professional dancing (performing and /or teaching), with previous experiences in competitions, and for those who consider themselves professionals, leading a dance school or performing regularly. All applicants should consider that the level of this category might be very high, and the quality of their work must meet professional requirements. In other case the competitor can be refused or replaced to Starshine category.

Age restriction: participants must be min. 18 years old.

Conditions for the STARSHINE category (advanced amateurs):

Minimum 4 years experience in bellydance studying, with maximum 3 years experience of performing, and maximum 2 years experience of teaching. The category is not for beginner or intermediate dancers either, but for advanced amateur or semi-professional dancers, who already have performing experiences, but not considering themselves professional dancers yet, doesn’t lead a dance school or perform regularly.

Age restriction: participants must be min. 18 years old.

Conditions for STAR-TEAMs:

The group must have minimum 2 members (so duets can also enter) but there is no maximum membership limitation. The level in this category of the competition is also advanced, professional so most of the members of the group ? if not all – should have the stage routine of an advanced or a professional dancer.

Teachers are allowed to be members of their groups too.

Competition restrictions

Emphasizing the authenticity of the competition, each and every competitor (either in solo or in group category) must prepare with an Egyptian oriental or a folklore style performance. The performance cannot only consist of fantasy elements, show elements, drum solo, fusion ?etc., though all of these can be parts of the whole performance if it remains authentic.

 In case your chosen music has any of the above mentioned sections (fantasy, show, drum solo, fusion?etc.), it should not be any longer than 1 minute in your 3-minute-long performance.

Both the soloists and the group performances the time is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes. 

In the Princess/Prince and Mini-Princess/Mini-Prince categories the timelimit is maximum 2,5 minutes.

The Royal folklore performances should be no longer than 2,5 minutes.

All kinds of props are welcomed if they match the requirements of the style of the music and the dance. Your performance should belong to one of these Egyptian style categories: classical oriental (mejance or song), traditional or accordion baladi, modern (pop, baladi pop, modern shaabi), folklore (free style Egyptian or Arabic folklore).

  • the harmony between the dancer(s), the music and the style;
  • technical knowledge;
  • the distinguishable parts within the music and how the dancer(s) interpret it;
  • creativity, originality;
  • using space and stage;
  • communication, interpretation of the music;
  • costume and appereance on the stage;

Now all these may seem a little bit more severe and demanding than other contemporary competitions but please DO NOT FORGET that the jury looks forward to see advanced and professional level, unique performances.

In the Starshine, Princess/Prince, Mini-Princess/Mini-Prince and Star-Team category, the competitor’s choreographies can be done by anyone (in case of groups if the choreo is not done by the teacher or any of the group members, a written permission of the original choreographer will be needed), but in the Royal category it must be the competitors original creation, both in the semi-final and the final.

IMPORTANT! Preparations for ROYAL applicants! 

In the Royal category only we have a final as well, so each competitor must prepare  three choreographies for the contest:

  1. for the semi-final a folklore and an oriental routine to music chosen by contestant, with the above mentioned general conditions
  2. for the final, which will be a dance to a tarab (classical or modern Egyptian interpretation) song, upon the followings: each dancer, who will be chosen for the semi-final will receive 8 tarab songs from us, upon her confirmation for the semi-final. The competitor will send us back 3 chosen songs from the 8, during the following week. We will choose in the following days 1 song from the 3 preferred ones, according to the other competitors’ choices, to avoid repetitions. This will be contestant’s music for the final, for what she can prepare her choreography to.


Registration will be valid ONLY with the filled and sent application form, the video link and the CV (except Star teams). 

The competition is only for the festival participants, so a minimum number of 3 workshops payed is required for the competitors. 

Competition registration fees:

Royal: 70?

Starshine: 40?

Star team: 35?/dancer

Princess/Prince : 35?

Mini-Princess/Mini-Prince : 25?

The unbelievable prizes of the CAIRO! FESTIVAL BUDAPEST Competition 2017!

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Each winner will receive a TROPHY and a certificate, plus the winners of the solo categories will be awarded with a CROWN as well.