Budapest and Inspiration teachers

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Budapest teachers

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Guan & Rita (China)

Hailed as one of China?s most popular and meticulous choreographer, Guan combines his diverse works with a distinct, creative style. Refreshing to watch, Guan has produced over 180 original works. They are practiced and learnt by countless artistes.

In his workshops, Guan emphasizes on posture control, practical Egyptian-styled moves, and proper expression of dance emotions.

Hind Tawfiq

She is one of a kind, passionate, sensual, artistic, authentic, radiates so much femininity and emotions that it’s impossible not to be blown away by her art. We are thrilled to have our sweetheart, the magical HIND TAOUFIQ back to Budapest!

Charafe Ennaji (Marokkó)

One of Morocco’s best kept secrets, a unique artist with a beautiful soul, Charafe Ennaji! We are amazed by his art, depth, and charisma, whether he is performing classical, folkloric or contemporary styles. If you haven’t seen his dance before, come and get ready to fall in love!

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Inspiration teachers

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Effendi Dapkeh Troup

Dapkeh ? beat! But not just by the feet! It consits of the beat of the heart while the music fills the dancers body and soul! The Effendi Dapkeh Company started to perform and teach this energetic, folcloric dance, in 2004. One of the members is Mohamed Dahhan (Moha), a Syrian businessman, well known as the owner of Sultancenter, and a passionated musician and dancer since his childhood. Second member is Henrik Haddad (Ricky) who became famous as a singer in the 90s of the Picasso Branch (Hungarian music group). Good mood is guaranteed as well as lots of fun, and dance and dance and dance! Load you batteries, you will need your power, but you will have a great time guaranteed by this two guys and the captivating music!

Mihály Beatrix

Beatrix Mihály, master instructor of classical ballet in Hungary!
She has dozens of years experience in classical ballet, nowadays she teaches regulary at Budapest. Many dancers, such as tango, salsa, bellydancers are seeking for her knowlegde in order to build classical ballet elements into their performances. Coordination is the main part of every dance, which can be learned well during her ballet workshop!
Don?t miss this opportunity to develop your skills and the harmony between your body and the music!

Virág Judit

Judit Virág the Tribal Queen of Hungary!
Her work history lasts already for 10 years: she participated in many international festivals and shows to which she contributed by her performance, her teaching and judging skills. She is the organizer and manager of the Tribal Fest Budapest for many years. The tribal dance she practices is more than an artistic tendency or style, it is ritual and magical at the same time.
In her workshop of Tribal fusion, you can learn the basics of being a real tribal WOMAN while enjoying the music and the world around you, and while making richer your oriental vocabulary too!

Vesna (Szlovénia)

Vesna Zorman is a unique tribal fusion artist from Slovenia!
Vesna is a sparkling star of tribal, with her amazing dance group, Ambrosia, they are famous throughout Europe and beyond. Vesna Zorman and the company is renowned for their intense visual artistry, dramaturgy and theatricality, always delivering high class entertainment and pleasing even the toughest crowds.
Vesna believes makeup is a vital part of any stage act: it completes the dancer’s performance as well as enriches the dancer’s costume. In?stage make-up? workshop you can learn how to create glittery and sparkly dramatic eyes that can be seen even when sitting in the last row of the theatre.