Support Art Therapy Programme for Middle-Eastern children in need

Dear Dancers,

sharing our love for this dance while seeing other people benefit from what we care for is a very important issue for us at CAIRO! Fest Budapest. We would love to give back to the culture we are receiving so much from, we would love to share our passion with the less privileged. That includes charity work too. This year we have decided to take part in a bigger charity project that we can all truly relate to. We?ve decided to support the Scoop Foundation’s Syrias Vibes programme. Their effort in their Art Therapy Programme is to make childrens’ lives in war and danger zones more bearable and help them to reduce everyday’s stress they have to face by using art. Their goal and dedication have really impressed us.

Syrias Vibes is The SCOOP Foundation’s Middle Eastern Programme, helping those displaced or affected by the wars in Syria and Iraq. In 2018 they focused on ambulances, clinics and emergency services. When the war subsided they focus on helping displaced Kurds and Yazidis in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, largely medical care, psycho-therapy for the women and children coming back from Isis captivity, and educational projects. Last year in 2019 they continued their work and also started an Art Therapy Programme in the Bajed Kandala camp in the region. 15 of artworks made here are now in Ireland and are going to be toured around schools and community centre all around Ireland. In 2020 SCOOP’s Syrias Vibes will continue with their Therapy and Art Programmes, but really focus on the development of their IT programme, which aims to teach the children English and basic IT skills.

How can you show your support at the CAIRO! Fest Budapest?


  • Book your special SCOOP Ticket for any of the festival?s gala shows with buying supporting tickets with only 5? or 10? extra – that will go directly to the foundation. You can get more information about the tickets via e-mail, or while ordering your tickets.
  • Bring some art supplies with you (pencils, paper, paint and brushes, etc) that children can use to create with, and place them into our Donation Box during the festival. The Scoop volunteers will collect and bring them to the camps.

We truly hope you will join us in supporting the foundation?s important mission.
Thank you!

If you would like to get more information about the foundation, visit their website: