ReConnect – Talent discovery program

International Oriental Dance Competition for real talents!

This is a year of change, fresh ideas and exciting new projects!
This year, instead of the traditional competition, we are launching a new project: a talent show where you can enter and present creative work in different categories, as well as gain important support for your dance career, guidance, mentoring, etc.

We would like to encourage you to share your dance vision with the audience, alongside your technique, and with your help we want to free dance from the pressures of competition, numbers, sometimes difficult to understand expectations, and give wings to artistic creation.

In advance we will give you 5 themes – guidelines and inspiration for your creation.

You are free to submit a video or live performance of your work based on the themes, interpreted in the language of Middle Eastern dance (any genre, any style).
The winners will be selected on the basis of creativity, artistic approach, technique and originality.

All entrants will also receive an evaluation and feedback from the jury.

General rules


You can enter in solo amateur, solo professional and group categories.

There will be both online and live talent competitions, with separate judging and prizes. Again this year, the number of participants is very limited – we can only accept 10 participants per category.

Registration starts on 10 February.


The talent discovery program will be held in presential and online format too, with a separate judging.

A participant can only take part in one of the chosen ways.
The first round of both the online and live programs will feature a video submission, the live talent program’s finals will take place on the festival, as well as the results of both programs will be announced then.


Categories (levels): 
  • Amateur (advanced dancer with at least 3 years of performance experience; they’re not teaching; dance is not their main income)
  • Professional (dance is their profession, teaches and performs at a professional level)
  • Group (at any level, at least 2 people, teachers can participate too)
Joy of Togetherness
Feeling of New
Still Love
Return to the Roots
One participant can choose only 1 theme, but can compete in groups and solo as well (even with different themes).

You can choose any Middle Eastern dance style that tells your story, be it oriental, folklore, shaabi, modern, etc.
It is important that the style you choose matches the music you choose, considering the authentic roots,
as in a traditional competition – but reflecting on the theme you choose in your dance’s story / expression.
Will not happen this time.
According to the professional and artistic aspects, the jury shares comments, opinions and views with each other, and then with the participants – the choice of awardees will happen based on this.
We believe that this method of highlighting one’s work is closer to the qualities of Middle Eastern dance and the post-Covid
creative processes of each artist, which can also have an inspiring effect on the community and on the individual work.

Length of performance:
Maximum 3 minutes
Maximum number of participants:
10 person / category

What we are looking for: 
Originality, creativity, expressiveness, authentic knowledge, high level of technical training, unique stories.
Online participants:
please be careful about the video quality – avoid lights form the back, too many cuts, etc. Other than that, you can be creative about location, costuming and everything else 🙂
In the professional category, applicants can only join with their own choreography, in the amateur and group categories choreography by others is also accepted (although it limits the joy of experimentation :).

Application process:
Live participation: apply in email, to which we ask you to attach

a video not older than 1 year (any style – private or public YouTube link please),

as well as a short professional introduction,

the chosen category

and the name of the theme.

We will then notify the applicant within a few days whether we have accepted the application, at which point the entry fee will be paid.

Accepted participants will automatically advance to the finals, which will be held at the festival’s Friday gala.


Online participation:

apply in email application, to which we ask you to attach:

a video not older than 1 year (of any style – private or public YouTube link please),

as well as a short professional introduction,

the chosen category

and the name of the theme.

We will then notify the applicant within a few days whether we have accepted the application, at which point the entry fee will be paid.

Then comes the final: the competitor’s video on the given topic is expected until April 5, 2022. We will edit an online show with all participants, what will premiere a week before the festival.

Based on this, the jury will select the awardees to be announced at the festival’s gala.

Sign up to the competition!

Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received!
We will announce 2, 1 online and 1 live awardees in each category, in addition to which each jury member (festival instructor) will choose their own favorite performer for personal mentorship – and a festival grand prize winner will be announced too who will be a teacher in CAIRO! Fest Budapest in 2023!
The main awardees will receive appearances on the festival’s internet channels, gaining publicity and one-year long talent management (consultations, promotion) and mentoring (dance lessons and other formats) from the teachers.
All nominees have to be CAIRO! Fest Budapest 2022 participants with minimum 2 Daily Passes paid.

Competition Fees

Full Pass holders:
Solo: 30 EUR
Group: 15 EUR / fő

Two or three Daily Pass holders:
Solo: 60 EUR
Group: 30 EUR / fő