International Oriental Dance Competition for Belly Dancers!



Sign up for the competition via email  (cairofestivalbudapest@gmail.com)!



In 2021, the full competition will be held online on the virtual stage of our private YouTube channel. We accept the application of the 10 fastest Festival Friends in each category. This means that you need to purchase a package to be able to enter the competition. Sign up and send your videos by the 5th of May.



The Royal (professional) category’s conditions:

We are looking for professional performers who have at least 4 years of professional dancing experience (i.e. not in learning but in performance and / or teaching) and also have competing experience and are considered professional dancers, run their own dance school and/or are regular public performers. The level of Royal category is expected to be high, so the expectations for the quality of the productions are high too! All dancers must meet professional expectations. Otherwise, the competitor may be disqualified or downgraded to Starshine.

Age limit: very belly dancer aged 18 or more can apply.


Advanced amateur level

The Starshine (semi professional/advanced amateur) category’s conditions:

Minimum 4 years’ experience in belly dancing but maximum 3 years of performing experience and / or maximum 2 years of teaching practice! This category is not for beginners or intermediate, we are looking for semi-professional, advanced amateur dancers who already have sufficient experience in the field of competitions but do not consider themselves to be professional dancers, do not have their own dance school and do not make a living of their dance only.

Age limit: very belly dancer aged 18 or more can apply.

Star Team

Groups (Mixed level)

The Star-Team category’s conditions:

There is no minimum age for groups, 2 or more people can apply (so duos are allowed too), there’s no maximum number of dancers. It is also an advanced competition, each member of the group (either all or some) must have a stage routine, consider themselves advanced, semi-professional or professional.

Teachers can also compete with the group.

Princess/ Prince

13-18 years old

Competition Fees

ROYAL Category: 30 EUR

STARSHINE Category: 20 EUR

STAR TEAM Category: 15 EUR / dancer

Princess/ Prince: 20 EUR


Starshine, Starteam and Princess/Prince categories:

These categories will have one only round. If you wish to apply please send us by email:

  • the Mp4 file of a maximum 3 minutes long and no more than 1-year old video in some authentic style of oriental dance,
  • your music in mp3 format.

Royal category:

This category will have two rounds like in the past years – this year it means we request two videos from each competitor. If you wish to apply please send us by email:

  • a short professional CV in Word document,
  • the mp4 of a maximum 3 minutes long and no more than 1-year old video of your performance in any authentic oriental dance styles (for the first round),
  • the Mp4 file of a maximum 3 minutes long video of a classical song (tarab related) style performance made specifically for this competition or not published anywhere before (for the final),
  • both of your musics in mp3 format.

5 of the 10 contestants will enter the final whose classical/ tarab performance will also be part of the Competition Show in addition to their free style performance.


Please note that once the maximum number of applicants has been entered (10 per category), we will not be able to accept any further applicants. That’s why it’s a good idea to hurry up and submit your application in time!

Emphasizing the authenticity of the competition, the competing performance must be Egyptian-style oriental dance or Arabic folklore (see details below), it cannot be fully a fantasy dance, show dance, drum solo, but they can be part of the performance – these are elements of artistic freedom if the character and style of the dance remain authentic. If the music contains a drum solo, fantasy, show dance, fusion, etc. details, it should be no more than 1 minute within 3 minutes of choreography. Any accessories/props that fit your style can be used.

In both the solo and group categories, the duration of productions should not exceed 3 minutes!

Please pay attention to the quality of your recording (if you cannot record on a stage or a dance studio, no problem, but be creative – an outdoor recording is always lovely! But please no contra lights from behind. Do not forget to send us the music of your performance too, separately!

  • harmony between the dancer and the chosen style and music;
  • technical knowledge;
  • unique parts of music and the way the dancer interprets and implements them on stage;
  • originality and creativity;
  • use of space and stage;
  • communication with the audience;
  • the appearance of the dancer (dress, make-up, elegance);

The above aspects may seem unique and you get used to slightly different aspects compared to other competitions, but DO NOT forget that the jury wants to see high quality, professional and unique performances!

The choreography of Starshine, Princess / Prince and Star-Team contestants can be from another author (if not a member of the group or choreography of the teacher, the choreographer’s written consent is also required). For the Royal category, we only accept the contestants’ own choreography/improvisation.

Prizes of the Competition

The three first winners of each category receive digital diplomas, publicity on our YouTube channel and social media pages, plus great prizes for the 13th CAIRO! FEST BUDAPEST:

The ROYAL category’s first winner wins a FULL PASS and a Gala Show performance opportunity for the 13th CAIRO! Fest Budapest.
The STARSHINE, PRINCESS/PRINCE first winners will win a LUXOR Package and a Gala Show performance opportunity for the 13th CAIRO! Fest Budapest.
The STAR TEAM first winners will win an ALEXANDRIA Package (each) and a Gala Show performance opportunity for the 13th CAIRO! Fest Budapest.