The festival’s pricelist 2020

Package prices

Payment plan possibilities

Only for CAIRO! Full Pass és DeLuxe Pass packages.

Payment dates:

Deluxe Pass

I.: To 15th of Nov.: 200€, II.: To 15th of Jan.: 150€, III.: To 15th of Febr.: 150€

CAIRO! Full Pass

I.: 15th of Nov.: 150€, II.: 15th of Jan.: 120€, III.: 15th of Febr.: 120€

Workshop fees


As we always do, in the break of each workshop we will pick up one name from the actual workshop?s participants, who will get oriental gift package!

Gala ticket prices

Our discount offers

All benefits can be combined! This applies to group and the teacher discounts (not the student discount)!


If at least five sign up for the festival, each group member will receive a 5% discount on package rates! If at least ten persons sign up for the festival, each member of the group will receive a 10% discount on package rates!

The discount is only valid if the group as a whole is registered (by one member).

For teachers

If a teacher / group leader registers 10 students for Luxor Pack or Cairo Full Pass, the teacher will receive a CAIRO FULL PASS from us!

IMPORTANT: The teacher must register their students, so submit the registration sheets at once! on the spot) will also arrange the group application and payment. The benefit cannot be claimed afterwards (ie if the students have applied themselves).

For students

Holders of a valid Hungarian student ID card get a 5% discount on paid packages!

(If you are applying for the discount, please submit by scanning both sides of your student ID card at registration.)

More informations about the discounts

The application becomes valid only if we receive your payment. You need to sign up and make a payment to receive a discounted registration. In order to get the discounts you have to apply and send your payment until the deadline. If you apply well before the deadline but we do not receive your payment in time then you loose your possibility of getting the discount of that period, and you enter a new period with a new deadline and less discount.

If you apply in advance but you pay only later on the spot, then we, unfortunately, cannot give you discount.


With this new discount-system we would like to support early registration in order to avoid queues for administration, and limit the number of students on classes, if necessary. Our aim is to offer classes with an appropriate number and comfort.


Lunch on the spot, easy, fast and delicious!

Crudité with vegetables, salad, fresh mozzarella, yogurt and healthy cakes, fruit and vegetable shots.We also recommend it to vegetarians!

Only for: 3,800 Ft /day

Opening gala with buffet dinner!

Oreder your dinner for the Opening Gala!

Only for: Ft 7500

Conditions for participation

How to register

Once you have completed the registration form, you will need to send it back to and pay for the program within the payment deadlines.

Applications will only be considered final with payment! In the case of waiting lists, the person who paid the price of the programs first! Please pay attention to the payment terms, which are also available on the website!

Method of payment

The participation fee can be paid on the spot, by bank transfer or via Western Union. We will send you the needed data for the remittance in the answer letter to your application.

Please note

The organizers of Cairo Festival do not take responsibility for any material damage or physical injury happening during the event; or for the lost or stolen personal belongings.

There are no refunds of the paid fee after payment. Except of  ‘vis maior’ cases, with notification before the first day of the event.