CAIRO! Fest Budapest Scholarship 2022


Apply for the XII. CAIRO! Fest Budapest 2022 Scholarship!

Would you like to take part in festival courses but it doesn’t fit your budget? This opportunity is for you!

Apply if:

You have at least 3 years experience in oriental dance
– You are a committed student or educator
– You have serious plans for the future with dance
– You feel able to attend at least two workshops a day.

A motivational letter has to contain:

– Why you applied, why would you like to attend the festival
– Why would you be the ideal choice
– What plans do you have for belly dance in the future, how can you use what you learned to achieve your goals, and share with us anything you find relevant
– Attach a minimum of 2 to 2 fresh (up to 1 year old) photos and videos with your application.

Application deadline: Sign up by 1st of March!

* The scholarship contains two Daily Passes for the Festival live or Online.
* Day selection is based on availability.
* The winner accepts to attend at least 2 workshops each day of the festival and to report back about the experiences in writing (or video format). We also publish the report on our website and in social media.
* No age limit.
* A total of 2 dancers (1 for live and 1 for online pass) can win the opportunity.
* If the primary winner of the scholarship withdraws before the festival, the opportunity will be offered for another applicant.

We hope to get to know many enthusiastic dancers and help someone make their dancer dreams come true.

Waiting for your letter!

Mercedes & CAIRO! Fest team

Some inspiring quote from the motivation letters:

“You might come in a bad mood but by the end of the class, you will feel happier and more satisfied with yourself. Isn’t that magical feeling worth fighting for?”


“… my main aim was previously to help other women realize their passion, beauty, and abilities through Oriental dance.”


“The dance is an escape from reality and allows me to create a new temporary existence where I can be anyone I want to be while expressing myself or telling a story.”

“Oriental/ Middle Eastern dance – this is what keeps me alive. It’s probably one of the only things that can make me like myself. Make me feel beautiful. Make me feel free.”

“It has taken me years to get to a point where I feel ‘pretty’ and dance has brought me through that journey, allowing me to see myself as an artist and a dancer, as someone who could share a beautiful dance piece with the world, how then can I not be beautiful  I came to this realization after my first solo performance.”

“I believe dancing is not an activity that is only important to oneself, but it is more something to be shared with others, which is what I always endeavor to do.”

“In art, you can never be a finished product, there is always something new to be learned, some movements to refine, and different points of view to get to know.”

“Dance has now become a constant source of joy and happiness for me. This is the way I can express my creativity, and escape the worries and stress of daily life to just live in the moment and relax. Whenever I dance, I stop thinking about any problems and worries; I am in a different world, where I can experience and express completely different feelings.”